2020. Democracy under Siege? Parties, Voters, and Elections after the Great Recession (with Timothy Hellwig and Jack Vowles) Oxford University Press

Peer-reviewed Articles

Forthcoming. " Why Do Young Men Oppose Gender Quotas? Group Threat and Backlash to Legislative Gender Quotas: Evidence from South Korea ." with Jeong Hyun Kim. Legislative Studies Quarterly.
Forthcoming. "Electoral Systems and the Substantive Representation of Marginalized Groups: Evidence from Women's Issue Bills in South Korea ." with Josh Ryan. Political Research Quarterly.
Forthcoming. "Deservingness Heuristics and Policy Attitudes Toward the Elderly in an Aging Society: Evidence from Japan .” with ByeongHwa Choi. Political Research Quarterly.
2022. "How Partisan Politics Influence Government Policies in Response to Ageing Populations." with Kohei Suzuki. Policy & Politics. 50(2): 261-281.
2020. "Women Leaders and Policy Compliance During a Public Health Crisis " with Nichole M. Bauer and Jeong Hyun Kim. Politics and Gender 16(4): 975-982.
2019. "What Money Can Buy: Perceived Economic Security in China" with ByeongHwa Choi. The Journal of Contemporary China 28(118): 630-645.
2018. "Types of Labor Market Policy and the Electoral Behavior of Insecure Workers." Electoral Studies 55: 1-10
2018. "Economic Competitiveness and Social Policy in Open Economies." International Interactions 44(3): 537-558
2017. "Do Higher Government Wages Induce Less Corruption? Cross-country Panel Evidence ." with Weihua An. Journal of Policy Modeling 39 (5) : 809-826
  • Featured in various media outlets including Business Insider and KTVL News10
2016. "Taking Cues on Multidimensional Issues: The Case of Attitudes towards Immigration." with Timothy Hellwig. West European Politics 39 (4): 710-730

Working Papers

  1. "Perception of Essential Workers, Racial Prejudice, and Redistributive Preferences." with Jeong Hyun Kim and John Kuk Under review
  2. "Trade Policy Preferences in an Aging Society: Evidence from Japan." with ByeongHwa Choi Under review
  3. "Economic Insecurity and The Impact of Gender Representation on Political Efficacy" Draft available
  4. "Class and Gender Cleavages and Their Impact on Public Policy" Manuscript in preparation
  5. "Working-class Women and Their Perception of Female Representatives." with Jeong Hyun Kim Data collection