I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at Utah State University. My research interests are international and comparative political economy, political behavior, and social and labor market policy. Within these broad areas, I study how various political actors respond to new forms of socio-economic risk caused by post-industrial transformations with a focus on Western Europe and East Asia. Recent projects examine redistributive attitudes and electoral choices of newly marginalized groups and political parties' behavior in the face of labor market dualization, globalization, and population aging.
My work has appeared in journals like Electoral Studies, International Interactions, West European Politics among others. My co-authored book is currently under contract with Oxford University Press.

Substantive Interest:

Comparative and International Political Economy, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Party Politics, Social and Labor Market Policy, Advanced Industrial Economies, East Asia

Methodological Interest:

Multilevel Analysis, Panel Data Analysis, Causal Inference, Survey Experiment